Flexijet 3D – advantages of the system

Flexijet 3D offers you millimetre precision

  • Measurements and drawings with millimetre precision with direct transfer of measurements from the place of measurement to the CAD program – this is what makes Flexijet 3D so economically acceptable and efficient
  • Photos from the integrated camera, together with sound recordings, both connected to CAD measurement points, form a complete documentation of the on-site measurement or the on-site measurement. With such an innovative approach, users digitize the project from the very beginning.
  • Measurement errors, such as writing down and subsequent rewriting and entering into a program, are now a thing of the past.
  • With this method of operation, the complete documentation for the production of custom-made furniture and interior fittings becomes digitized and remains closed within the project practically until the furniture is assembled.
  • Digital measurement, designing in CAD/CAM software, manufacturing on CNC machines, provides us with great efficiency, and the possibility of mistakes when copying or verbally explaining to colleagues is reduced to a minimum, which makes the user more competitive on the market.


The main activity of the representatives of Flexijet devices for the region of Adria and the Balkans is interior design and furnishing.

We have been using the device for more than 8 years for our needs of measuring and designing within the measured state with the Flexijet device. Designing and technical preparation for the production of furniture and interior fittings are done primarily in the MegaCAD / MegaTISCHLERpro program, but we also process measurements, for visualization purposes, in the SketchUp program.

In addition to the basic activity of interior design and furnishing, we also perform
measurement services for other users in various industries. Locksmiths, glaziers,
shipbuilders, building inspectors and supervision are just a few whom we were able to help with measurements on projects that were inherently complicated for conventional measurements. With such an approach, we saw possible improvements to the device, and together with the manufacturer managed to improve the operation of the system itself and
adapt it for use in various activities.

More than 8 years of personal experience in using the Flexijet system has proven its compatibility with various programs, MegaCAD/MegaTISCHLERpro, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Revit…

We have sold more than 20 devices in our region, one device each in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo, while in Croatia we have sold 7 units.

All of them have been trained and are all successful users of the Flexijet 3D system.

On-line training and support in the local language, and know-how on how to access the measurement itself is only one of the advantages of choosing the Flexijet system.

Are you interested in the possibility of cooperation?

Whether you have a more or less complicated space that needs quality measurement, or you
want to be able to measure your clients’ spaces independently – we can offer you a whole
range of services.

We invite you to contact us for more details about our service and products – we will be
happy to provide you with all the answers you need.


The recommended number of participants is a maximum of 3 per device

The total duration is 2-3 days/4 hours, depending on the number of participants and their initial knowledge and progress

Program obuke

Day 1

Getting to know the Flexijet 3D system: 3 hours

  • Scope of delivery
  • Program installation, adjustment and familiarization with the interface and FlexiCAD 3.0 software
  • Positioning of the Flexijet system within the space

Day 2

Work with the Flexijet device: 9 hours

  • Working with planes
  • Moving devices within the same project
  • Setting reference points
  • Repositioning devices within the same project without reference points
  • Automatic scanning of horizontal and vertical lines, lines along the path
  • Digital network scanning
  • Projection of CAD points from the blueprint
  • Data export and administration

Day 3 – OPTION

Practical exam and verification of acquired knowledge: 6 hours

  • Measuring the stairs
  • Hall measurement
  • Measuring the office with the existing things in the space

Flexijet company and FlexiCAD software

The original activity of Flexijet was programming and software development. In 2007, the
idea of ​​developing and manufacturing the Flexijet 3D system was born. Since then, the
company has been constantly growing and investing in the improvement of the
system. A drastic jump in development can be seen with the transition to a new generation,
“The Next Generation” in 2018.

slikapodrska 1
Guaranteed service and support

Guaranteed service, spare parts and constant support for its users is an important
advantage in using such devices.

Listening to the market and the needs of its users, the Flexijet company is constantly
improving the Flexijet software and system, thus making this device even better and more reliable. With the option of signing a contract for annual maintenance and software updates, the user gets new functions and greater security, as well as improved system operation.

When purchasing this device, our customers can additionally request training in working
with the device, they can count on support in the form of online inquiries via e-mail or
interactive TeamViewer program, they can also ask us for instructions on how to work
according to specific examples in practice.

In any case, our goal is to bring the device closer to each user.
That is why a training centre in the local language is available to all our clients.

cadslika 1
Intuitive cad software

FlexiCAD software, which was developed in-house, and exclusively for the needs of the
Flexijet system, was created on a similar interface to most CAD programs, for example
AutoCAD, which provides users with a familiar environment and does not require long-term adaptation to new software.

The intuitive FlexiCAD software is designed to guide the user through the measurement. In
this way, oversights and mistakes are reduced. The complete measurement is visible on the screen of the computer, tablet and LCD screen on the device itself.

Predefined symbols and objects, such as windows, doors, radiators, air conditioners,
installations, etc, with all their dimensions, they are immediately visible within the draft, and deviations or errors during measurement can be immediately noticed.

slika-rucno-automatizam 1
An integrated camera with a number of useful functions

Photos from the integrated camera, along with sound recordings, both linked to CAD
measurement points, form a complete documentation of on-site measurements, while providing the basics of your design. By changing the background colours, which create a more harmonious user interface, the measured states are comprehensible, easy to read and suitable for further processing by users who do not have any knowledge of using the Flexijet system.

Each point during the measurement is photographed with an integrated camera and this record is included in the project. By hovering over the measurement point in the plan, a photo of the target point appears and gives the user information about the exact position where the measurement was taken.

slikafunkcionalnosti 1
New functionalities for greater precision

High quality and functional equipment enable the user to work comfortably and extremely precisely. The equipment itself is designed to save the user time when using, touch screen, integrated 5MP camera, stand made of carbon fibre, are just a part of this state-of-the-art hardware…

The redesigned FLEXIJET 3D “next generation” design received the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

Additional functions in the FlexiCAD software allow the details of project measurements to be documented and recorded like never before. Images taken with a tablet or laptop camera can be tagged and assigned to measurement points.

There’s also a new feature to record voice memos so that every detail in the field that needs attention is captured within the project.

slikakamera 1
Various file formats are supported

When creating a PDF file, orders and customer information can now be integrated within the PDF file onto the measured drawing. Images taken during the measurement and documentation of the task can also be included in the PDF file. With the option to include the client’s signature, the PDF can now be used as an official document.

The complete measurement is simply converted to .dwg / .dxf format and as such can be further used within all known CAD programs (AutoCAD, MegaCAD/MegaTISCHLERpro,
ProgeCAD…). Data transfer to any known software such as AutoCAD or to CNC machines.

slika-rucno-digitalno 2
Application in various industries

Whether it is the interior of the office, the construction of a complex handrail or gutter, a tree house or the interior of the ship, we are here to make it easy for you to create the
desired design in a blink of an eye. People who want to make the most of their living and working space can benefit from our services.
The users can find its application in design, trade, manufacturing, construction.

Our clients are different profiles of companies and individuals who want to profit with digitization and all the benefits that industry 4.0. brings.

slikausteda 1
Reduced consumption of resources and increased productivity

The most important feature of Flexijet is accurate measurement and drawing in 3D in one step with instant checks of displayed results. No more handwritten measurements and notes!

Flexijet increases your productivity and saves resources. Classic measurement with the creation of a template takes time and wastes material. Not only will you be more efficient, but with good planning of 3D measurements, you will reduce repetition of actions, waste and take advantage of all the benefits offered by digitization and industry 4.0.

slikaprenosiv 1
Flexible and portable

Easy to handle and manoeuvre in any situation, without detailed and complicated stand adjustments.

With the Flexijet, you will experience what it means to measure without obstacles 360°
vertically and horizontally, also vertically in relation to the floor. No more scaffolding or
ladders, and no matter how complex the measurement, only one person conducts it.