3d space measurement service

3D space measurement service

FLEXIJET 3D measures the desired space with a laser in a short time. For this system, obstacles such as furniture are no longer a problem, and unpleasant surprises caused by wrong measures are a thing of the past.

The space must be carefully measured so that your piece of dream furniture fits exactly into the intended space. Since this can sometimes be tedious, we offer you a measurement service and we shall measure your space to the millimetre using modern laser technology.

During the measurement (360 ° vertically and horizontally), the data is transferred to FlexiCAD, the software installed on a laptop or tablet, and immediate visualization of the space on the spot during the measurement is achieved. There is also the ability to transfer data to a DWG/DXF document loaded into any software, such as AutoCAD or even CNC machines.

Special system features

  • Automatic measurement (wall shape measurement – horizontal, vertical and serial along a path)
  • Projection of points in space (transferring the design directly to the wall, floor or ceiling)
  • Surface scanning (scanning surface irregularities)
  • Switching heights horizontally from room to room (vagres) or vertically from floor to ceiling or from ceiling to floor (pendulum)
  • 3D scanning
  • Templates and digitizing templates are no longer required.
  • Accurate measurement with the latest 3D technology
  • Quick dimensioning / dimensioning of all walls, including corners
  • Display all sockets, light switches and other elements in the room, radiators, windows, doors…
  • Measuring uneven floors
  • Measuring sloping walls
  • Photo documentation of the survey


  • Create accurate measurements and draw in 3D in one step! Fast and efficient measurement, and reduction of measurement costs
  • No matter how complex the measurement, only one person conducts it
  • Calculation of areas or spaces immediately after measuring the required points. Immediate checks of displayed results
  • No more handwritten measurements and notes
  • Creating a template is no longer required
  • Obstacle-free measurement 360 ° vertically and horizontally, also perpendicular to the floor
  • Flexible and portable. Easy to use without detailed and complicated stand adjustments.
  • No more scaffolding or ladders!
  • Measurement errors and unmeasured details are now history
  • Data transfer to any known software like AutoCAD or to CNC machines
  • Immediate visualization of space on site during measurement


Intuitive software guides the user during the measurement, so that the measurement is as clear as possible later during the processing and design. Each measuring point is photo-documented by a camera built into the device itself. A large selection of predefined symbols and objects, such as windows, doors, radiators, air conditioners, installations, etc. speeds up the measurement process itself, and later the use of measured data makes it easier for everyone to read the measurement.

Users who do not have a license for FlexiCAD 3.1 software or later, can view the data measured by FLEXIJET in FlexiCAD Viewer which is totally free.



High quality and functional equipment enable the user to work comfortably and extremely precisely. The equipment itself is designed to save the user time when using, touch screen, integrated 5MP camera, stand made of carbon fibre, are just a part of this state-of-the-art hardware…

The redesigned FLEXIJET 3D “next generation” design received the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.



We have been providing services for more than 6 years and use the device for measurement purposes in interior design, shipbuilding, metal, glass industry and other areas, and our experience in various industries makes us competent to support our customers.

When purchasing this device, our customers can additionally request training in working with the device, they can count on support in the form of online inquiries via e-mail or interactive TeamViewer program, they can also ask us for instructions on how to work according to specific examples in practice.

In any case, our goal is to bring the device closer to each user.

Who is the service for?

FLEXIJET 3D simplifies complex measurements. The users can find its application in design, trade, manufacturing, construction. Our services users can benefit from various business fields. Services can also be used by people who want to make the most of their living space.

3D space measurement service for furniture and ceramic salons

If you offer your customers to equip the space, then you know that furnishing starts with measurement.

It is during the measurement that the biggest mistakes occur – very important details in space are overlooked (such as sockets, radiators, parapets, window sills, plumbing and gas installations, etc.) remain unmeasured, or are not included in the measurement.

The problem is not only the additional elements in the space, which at first glance seem insignificant.

In fact, the biggest “enemies” of accurate measurements are angles and uneven walls, which – without various aids such as protractors, templates, etc. – are relatively difficult to measure accurately. Missed measures by a tenth of a degree are not problematic for small dimensions, but in a larger space they represent a serious problem when installing custom-made furniture.

And that’s where FLEXIJET comes into play – a device that allows us to get all the measurements of space perfectly accurately – just the way they are in reality.

And not only that – in a very short time, all the information created by FLEXIJET measuring is stored in the CAD program, in which the design of custom-made furniture is continued later.

This also means that FLEXIJET measurement is done with software and remains in the software – no copying on paper and manual entry of measures in furniture design software, thus ensuring that all future phases of the project, following the measurement, are accurate, efficient, clear and surprises in the late stages of implementation (e.g., during installation).

Our measurement service is intended for all the companies manufacturing custom-made furniture, worktops, wall coverings, dealing with the processing of ceramics or materials such as Laminam, Decaton, Silestone, Quartz, Quarella etc.

What can we offer to your shop?

  • We shall come to your customer’s facility and measure his/her space in a very short time – so that your company can accurately and efficiently deliver furniture tailored to them (the very act of measuring instils confidence in customers as the equipment looks impressive and gives the impression of professionalism).
  • The file we shall deliver always contains 2D or 3D dimensions in .dwg or .dxf format (depending on your needs), then photos of the space and characteristic details to pay attention to when designing and making furniture, PDF drawings with complete dimensions of space and all angles in the room.
  • After the delivery of the files, we shall be at your disposal in case of any questions or ambiguities. In case of the need for technical preparation and complete plans in the form of preparation for production, we can also offer you this service (in MegaCAD and MegaTISCHLERpro).

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