Complex oak wooden handles – from 3D measurements to CNC production

Short project presentation

Johannes Wortmann, a colleague and Flexijet user from Balve, Germany, carried out the production of curved handles for a new high school building in Bochum, using Flexijet 3D to measure the curved concrete surfaces of the building structure.

The data obtained from the measurements was sent to a CNC machining center in Balve, where the handles were manufactured from solid oak wood. Thanks to the precise measurements, the production on the CNC machine could be carried out with millimeter accuracy in all three axes. On-site assembly was possible without any additional repairs or adjustments to the machined parts – everything fit perfectly right away.

The Flexijet 3D measurement system brought significant time and cost savings to this project:

  • Measurement with Flexijet 3D saved 14 hours.
  • Measurement using conventional methods would have taken 40 hours.
  • A total of 26 hours was saved.

In addition to time and cost savings during measurement and assembly, Flexijet 3D provides security in planning, construction, and production by relying on reliable data.

With Flexijet 3D, you achieve millimeter precision, accurate angles, and radii – and you have access to this data right on-site during the measurement process. Flexijet 3D ensures security and professionalism from measurement to assembly.

Johannes Wortmann stated: “Without the precision and workflow provided by our Flexijet, the implementation would not be economical. We wouldn’t have taken on this project without Flexijet.”

Flexijet 3D offers many additional advantages, including:

  • Assistance during assembly through laser projection of CAD points.
  • Measurement performed by a single person.
  • Immediate on-site graphical control available.
  • No incorrect or forgotten measurements, errors in transferring measurements.
  • No need for template creation.
  • Measurement without limitations: 360° vertical and horizontal, even vertically downward.
  • Easy handling, without complicated tripod setup (automatic leveling).
  • Direct calculation of surfaces and volumes.
  • Integration with various specialized software programs and compatibility with CNC production.


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