The effectiveness of the Flexijet 3D measurement system in measuring damaged roof

Short project presentation

In a world of rapid technological changes, every moment saved translates into potential financial savings and a greater competitive advantage. When it comes to measuring and creating CAD drawings for restoration or construction, precision and speed are crucial. We won’t speak hypothetically; instead, we want to present you with a real case that demonstrates incredible resource savings of various kinds.

Story background

Mr. Kai Beck from Aufmassprofi in Hamburg took on the task of completing the measurement of the roof structure at the construction site and delivering the final CAD file to the client. This building, protected as cultural heritage, suffered significant damage in a fire. It was crucial to accurately measure the damaged roof structure in order to carefully plan its restoration. The client initially budgeted 40 hours for the measurement.

Using the Flexijet 3D system, Mr. Beck measured the entire structure in just 7 hours, while creating an accurate and detailed CAD file. Compared to the expected 40 hours for manual measurements, this saving of 33 hours resulted in a significant financial benefit for the client. Needless to say, his satisfaction with what he received, beyond all expectations, speaks volumes.

Project participants:

Contractor: Mr. Kai Beck, Hamburg

Client: Private investor

Flexijet 3D offers many advantages for your measurements:

  • Measurement is performed by a single person.
  • Unlimited measurements in all directions (360°).
  • On-site graphic inspection.
  • Connectivity with popular CAD software.
  • Displaying CAD points using lasers, which facilitates installation.
  • And many other features that make it ideal for modern engineers and architects.


The effectiveness of the Flexijet 3D measurement system in measuring damaged roof
The effectiveness of the Flexijet 3D measurement system in measuring damaged roof






In the modern business world, technology like the Flexijet 3D system is becoming indispensable. It not only aids in reducing the time needed for measurements and drawing creation, but also ensures high precision which is crucial in construction projects. As technology advances, a company’s ability to adapt and embrace these advanced tools becomes essential for their long-term success.

Do you have space that needs to be measured?

Whether you have a more or less complicated space that needs quality measurement, or you want to be able to measure your clients’ spaces independently – we can offer you a whole range of services:

a) you can contract a 3D measurement service with us,
b) we can also offer you the service of designing furniture, technical preparation for
production, creating programs for CNC machines,
c) you can also buy a Flexijet device from us – with all its software and hardware accessories.

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