WÄLDERHAUS – the synergy of architecture and innovation that accelerates construction

Short project presentation

In the shade of young treetops rests “WÄLDERHAUS” (House in the Forest) – a project that commands admiration on an international level. As part of the International Building Exhibition (IBA Hamburg), this structure is more than an architectural achievement – it is a manifestation of ecological awareness and innovative spirit.

The architecture of “WÄLDERHAUS” represents a conceptually new approach to multifunctional buildings. Constructed at the main entrance of the former International Garden Exhibition (IGS), this building is a visual symbol of alignment with nature. The wooden facade, echoing distant forests, not only provides an aesthetic touch but also symbolizes the fundamental philosophy of the project – harmony with nature.

Within the walls of “WÄLDERHAUS,” the theme of “forest and wood” subtly permeates every corner, from the interior to the exterior, creating a sense of continuity and connection with the environment.

During construction, emphasis was placed on precision and efficiency. The use of prefabricated wooden walls required a methodical approach, facilitated by innovative technological solutions. A critical part of the process was the precise placement of these walls, a task addressed with the help of advanced Flexijet 3D software and its ability to integrate 2D CAD drawings into the actual three-dimensional space.

Why was Flexijet crucial in this project?

Intersection points and endpoints of wooden frame walls can be accurately and quickly marked on-site using the unique feature of the Flexijet 3D laser measuring system. All that was needed was to select the CAD point on the drawing representing the endpoint of the wall, and Flexijet 3D would rotate and precisely indicate the CAD point on the construction site using the laser point!

The efficiency of this technology was fully demonstrated by comparing the time required to install walls on three levels of the building: using traditional methods would take 21 days, while with Flexijet 3D, the job was completed in just 6 days. In addition to the time savings – an impressive 15 days – the financial benefits are also significant, with costs reduced by $18,000.

That 350% increase in efficiency is not just a numerical figure – it’s evidence of how innovation can transform the way we build and interact with objects in the space around us. “WÄLDERHAUS” stands as a witness to the potential of technological progress in the service of sustainable development and construction excellence.





The DXF file imported into FlexiCAD displays the positions of modular walls





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