Measurements on the site for reconstruction of oval windows at a certain angle

Brief project description

During the renovation of the wooden windows of the Dresden City Museum, the renovation company Cottendorfer Tischlerhandwerk GmbH was faced with the complicated geometry of the windows. The five central skylights were oval in shape, and the corner windows themselves were further sloping.

Angela Martin was in charge of properly measuring these windows on site and providing digital 3D CAD drawings with the help of the FLEXIJET laser measuring system.

Based on these measurements, the windows went into production, resulting in perfectly customized windows.

In addition to the benefits of saving time and costs during on-site measurements, FLEXIJET 3D also offers you the safety of working with the most accurate measurement results to complete your project successfully!


FLEXIJET 3D offers you many advantages:

  • On-site measurement by 1 person
  • Unlimited measurement: 360° Vertical and horizontal
  • Current on-site graphic control
  • Electronic automatic levelling. The device can be used without manual leveling of the tripod
  • No forgotten dimensions or connection errors
  • Calculation of current area and volume
  • Improved installation by spot projection of CAD files with FLEXIJET laser
  • Creating digital models eliminates the need to make moulds
  • Interface for all frequently used CAD programs and connection to CNC

They participated in the project:


Client: Dresden City Museum

Contractor: Cottendorfer Tischlerhandwerk GmbH,

Operator Angela Martin, Flexijet


Do you have space that needs to be measured?

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