Renovating the late gothic Albrechtsburg castle with Flexijet 3D technology

Short project presentation:

The Late Gothic Albrechtsburg Castle, situated above the Elbe River valley, represents a historical treasure from the 15th century and is considered the oldest German castle. To preserve the authenticity of this monument, it was crucial to carefully plan the renovation of its floors, which were in rather poor condition.

The Challenge:

Renovating the parquet in such a historic setting requires precision and careful planning. Traditional measuring methods would have been time-consuming and could have involved a risk of error. Our colleagues from Hirschfelder Parquetry faced a series of challenges related to measurement precision.


Angela Martin, a digital design expert, was hired to create a detailed 3D visualization of the space. Utilizing the innovative Flexijet 3D technology with an automated surface scanning feature, Angela was able to accurately determine the height variances of the existing floor and identify the locations of the heating niches.


  • In just 2.5 hours, a complete 3D CAD file was generated, providing Parketarija Hirschfelder with all the necessary information and reference points. This enabled them to accurately calculate and create a new floor with millimeter precision.
  • Time comparison: the manual measurement method would have taken 8 hours, while the Flexijet 3D measurement took only 2.5 hours.
  • Total time saved: 5.5 hours
  • Efficiency Improvement: 320%


By using Flexijet 3D technology, Hirschfelder Parquet successfully overcame the measurement challenges in a historical environment, resulting in significant time and cost savings. This project highlights the potential of digital technologies in restoration projects and sets a new standard for future renovations.



Flexijet 3D in the floor scanning position


Albrechtsberg Raumkontur