Projection of anchor points for 120t machine

Brief project description

In addition to the development of production and production facilities, MKM International GmbH is also engaged in the assembly of production lines. Tolerances in the eroded condition of the building are major problems when installing lines that must be anchored and mounted with minimal deviations.

In the conventional way, the line was to be laid, then the drilling points should be marked where the line should be anchored. As the line is large and heavy, it is inconvenient to manipulate it in the production hall.

FLEXIJET, with its point projection function, has also found its application in this business segment.

After entering the exact anchoring positions of the machine in the CAD design, it was enough to position the FLEXIJET in space, and transfer the anchor points directly to the position where the machine will be mounted. With its millimetre precision, FLEXIJET easily transmitted anchor points, even with its “Show CAD point perpendicular to plane” function, it corrected all the shortcomings that were on the surface.

The machine is positioned in place with minimal manipulation in the production hall.

With time and cost savings in measurement and assembly, FLEXIJET 3D gives you the security to base your planning, construction and production on reliable data.

Some of the benefits of FLEXIJET 3D device

  • Millimetre accuracy
  • All dimensions, angles, curves, slopes, irregularities are available immediately from the design on site 
  • Safety and professionalism from measurement to installation

They participated in the project:


Client: MKM International GmbH



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