3D measurement of the attic apartment for optimal space utilization

Short presentation of the project

Project overview

The project involved measuring a private apartment located on the 4th floor, specifically in the attic. Given the complexity of the space and the roof structure, precise measurements were crucial for maximizing the available space, especially in areas with challenging angles, slopes, and inclines.

Project goal

The primary goal of the project was to perform an accurate measurement of the apartment, where our Flexijet played a key role. This advanced measuring technology was chosen for its ability to precisely capture the unique angles, slopes, and inclines present in the apartment. Precise 3D measurement was necessary for the efficient design and creation of furniture tailored to the specific dimensions of the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, hallway, and other spaces within the apartment.

Challenges we faced

Complex roof structure: The attic location meant the roof had numerous slopes and angles, making traditional measuring methods inadequate.

Optimal space utilization: Maximizing the space in rooms with sloped ceilings and irregular angles required precise measurements to ensure custom furniture fits perfectly.

Integration of windows into the space: The roof contained windows, adding another layer of complexity to the interior design, requiring additional effort and consideration for furniture placement in relation to the windows.

Methodology applied

Step 1: Initial assessment

Our team first needed to understand the specific challenges presented by this unique attic space. This involved identifying key areas where the most precise measurements were needed.

Step 2: 3D measurement with Flexijet

The Flexijet 3D measuring device was used to collect detailed spatial data. This device was chosen for its accuracy and ability to handle the complex angles and slopes characteristic of attic spaces.

The device was set up in multiple locations within the apartment to ensure comprehensive coverage of all areas.

Using the device, we took precise measurements, recording the exact dimensions and angles of the walls, floors, ceilings, and roof slopes. The positions and dimensions of the windows were also carefully noted.

Step 3: Data analysis and design

The collected data was analyzed to create an accurate 3D model of the apartment. This model served as the foundation for designing custom furniture and optimizing space utilization.

The model was used to explore various design options, ensuring every centimeter of space was effectively utilized.

Step 4: Design and production of custom furniture

Based on the 3D model, custom furniture was designed to fit the unique dimensions of the apartment. The design process included:

Creating kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures that fit perfectly under sloped ceilings and around windows.

Designing beds, wardrobes, and storage solutions that maximize space utility while providing ample storage and functionality.

Ensuring every hallway and transition space was efficiently utilized, with built-in storage solutions where appropriate.

The project participants were:

Flexijet operator for measurement and draft preparation:

Articus d.o.o., Dolac 1, Zagreb

[email protected]



Design, production, and installation:

Design 3STO60 d.o.o., Družilovečka 2, Zagreb

[email protected]



Representative for the Flexijet 3D device and provider of 3D measurement services:

Studio Element d.o.o.,
Dolac 1, Zagreb

[email protected]

Results and conclusion

The use of the Flexijet 3D measuring device proved to be highly effective in addressing the unique challenges of the attic apartment.

Detailed measurements allowed for:

Precision: Custom furniture that perfectly fits the complex dimensions of the apartment.

Maximum space utilization: Optimal use of available space, including areas with challenging slopes and angles.

Enhanced aesthetics and functionality: A cohesive design that integrates furniture, skylights, and sloped ceilings into the overall layout, resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space.

This case study demonstrates the importance of advanced measuring technologies like the Flexijet device in projects involving complex spaces. By using precise 3D measurements, it is possible to overcome significant design challenges and achieve optimal space utilization even in the most complicated architectural environments.


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