Measurement for the planning and construction of a canopy with curved wall finishing

Short project presentation:

The primary task of a construction company specializing in metal structures was to create a canopy that would provide a covered entrance to the house.

The client envisioned a canopy on three sides, to be installed above the entrance doors and on the curved part of the blue wall.

However, the project’s realization was already under threat of failure due to complications arising during the measurement phase. During the initial attempt, it was found that it was impossible to accurately measure the curvature of the wall using a measuring tape and a handheld laser.

During the next on-site meeting, several employees of the company spent hours creating templates at a height of 2 to 3 meters. Unfortunately, this approach did not yield usable data either. Due to heavy rain, the cardboard templates became unusable.

The solution to the measurement problem was found in the use of the Flexijet 3D laser measurement system, which allows for simultaneous measurement and drawing.

Konrad Schwegler, the measurement service provider, successfully completed all the necessary measurements on-site in just 1.5 hours.

A complete CAD drawing with all the accurate angles and radii was immediately available. As a reliable foundation for further planning, a three-dimensional DXF file was forwarded to the design department.

In this example, we illustrate the time and financial advantages of using the Flexijet 3D measurement system for this project:

  • Measurement using Flexijet 3D – 1.5 hours
  • Measurement using traditional methods – 10 hours
  • Time saved = 8.5 hours

Aside from saving time and money during the measurement and assembly process, Flexijet 3D enables you to base your planning, design, and production on reliable data.

You obtain millimeter-precise dimensions, accurate angles, and radii that are immediately available to you during the space measurement process – on-site.

Flexijet 3D ensures reliability and professionalism from the beginning of the measurement to the completion of assembly.


Project participants:

Contractor: Konrad Schwegler, Fellbach

Client: Private investor

Flexijet 3D offers many advantages for your measurements:

  • Measurement is performed by a single person.
  • There are no incorrect or forgotten measurements, errors in number entry, or transmission.
  • The need for template creation becomes unnecessary.
  • Measurement without limitations: 360° vertically and horizontally, even vertically downwards.
  • Easy to use, without complex tripod alignment (automatic leveling).
  • Direct calculation of area and volume.
  • Interface integrated with many CAD programs, possible integration with CNC manufacturing.



Measurement in AutoCAD / Design in HiCAD


Final result


Do you have space that needs to be measured?

Whether you have a more or less complicated space that needs quality measurement, or you want to be able to measure your clients’ spaces independently – we can offer you a whole range of services:

a) you can contract a 3D measurement service with us,
b) we can also offer you the service of designing furniture, technical preparation for
production, creating programs for CNC machines,
c) you can also buy a Flexijet device from us – with all its software and hardware accessories.

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