Measurement of the existing oak tree condition – in order to construct 3d and carry out the “Tree house” project

Brief project description

The project of a tree house was performed without major problems, since we obtained all relevant 3D CAD data by measuring with a FLEXIJET 3D measuring device. After a detailed measurement of all important parts of the Oak tree, such as branches, the height of the position for the future house, the adjacent barn, we proceeded to 3D design of the future position of the tree house

After the project and technical preparation, the execution of the project was a well-established thing.

Additional advantages of FLEXIJET measurements are that we obtained perfectly accurate CAD data of the tree, branch position, diameters, slopes, etc. FLEXIJET 3D allowed us to have all relevant data measured directly in CAD from the ground, without any further aids, ladders, scaffolding, car crane, extra person or acrobatic climbing.

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They participated in the project:

Operator: Gosp. Carsten Thomas, Bielefeld

Contractor: Meschter Metalltechnik

Client: Private investor

Interview with contractors, interview by Tina Härtel, Flexijet GmbH)

Dear Mr. Thomas,

Dear Mr. Meschter,

Flexijet GmbH: We were very enthusiastic about your “tree house project” and your work with FLEXIJET. Therefore, we would like to ask you a few questions about your work, as it is very important for us to receive direct feedback from our customers and, if necessary, pass it on to our stakeholders. So, we would be very happy if you would take a few minutes to answer our questions.

Flexijet GmbH: How was it measured before buying FLEXIJET? Would it be possible to implement a tree house project in its current form without Flexi?

  • o far, we have conventionally measured with a measuring tape and a laser for distance. In this case, it would take a long time to measure the branches of a large oak with plum and angle at a height of 12 m and transfer it to the structure, i.e., in a 3D CAD system. Maybe that would be possible, but we wouldn’t accept an order without Flexi.

Flexijet GmbH: What was the main reason why you invested in/worked with FLEXIJET?

  • The decisive reason was the consistent digitization of the structure, i.e., the ability to transfer complex measurements without errors into our CAD system.

Flexijet GmbH: Has your work changed since you bought FLEXIJET?

  • Yes, a person can safely conduct measurements on a construction site without a ladder.

Flexijet GmbH: How could FLEXIJET help with this specific project? What were the benefits?

  • By accurately measuring the tree, it was possible to build a staircase that was easy to walk on, functional and beautiful. After a few attempts, turning right, turning left, different exits, there was only one option we could eventually implement.

Flexijet GmbH: Would you buy FLEXIJET again/Would you cooperate with FLEXIJET again?

  • We are completely convinced of FLEXIJET. And we really enjoy working with the system because it is successful.

Flexijet GmbH: Would you recommend FLEXIJET to other stakeholders in your industry?

  • Yes, of course, preferably when 3D is further constructed…



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