Modernization and Reconstruction of the Ferry for Transport Across the Drava River

Short project presentation

Project overview

The modernization project for the ferry transporting people and vehicles across the Drava River represents a key step towards improving infrastructure and transport capacities in the region. The reconstruction includes the replacement of steel pillars connecting the two riverbanks, using a steel cable to connect the steel ferry. The goal of the project was to increase the load-bearing capacity and capability of the scaffolding, thereby enabling safer and more efficient transportation of goods and passengers.

Technical details

The core of our project success lies in the innovative use of 3D measurements with the Flexijet system, which enabled extremely precise measurements of the existing steel pillars and ferry structures. Thanks to this technology, we were able to plan and design the reconstruction with significantly improved features compared to the previous one.

The measurement of the existing pillars was carried out with the goal of detailed planning of the reconstruction. The analysis of the main bearing elements, connecting elements, and fastening plates was performed to ensure the stability and durability of the new construction. Steel pillars, executed as truss carriers, were chosen for their versatility and strength, making them ideal for use in structures like ferries.

Truss carriers, thanks to their structure composed of straight rods articulated at their ends, allow excellent load distribution and resistance to external influences. This type of carrier is used in various types of constructions, including bridges and transmission towers, ensuring their applicability also in the context of the ferry transport across the Drava River.

Improvements and capacities

The new steel ferry, larger in dimensions than the existing one, is designed with the goal of significantly increasing load capacity – from 20 to 30 tons of cargo. In addition, the new structure will be able to accommodate a larger number of vehicles and passengers, increasing the capacity from 6-7 vehicles to 8-10, and the number of passengers from 20 to 50. Such improvements will not only increase the efficiency of transport across the Drava River but also ensure greater safety and stability of the ferry.

Participants in the project included

Flexijet operator for measurement and drafting of measurement Plans:

Articus d.o.o., Dolac 1, Zagreb

[email protected]


Client and designer:

Migalovica 15, Vodice

[email protected]



Project contractor:

Studio Element d.o.o.,
Dolac 1, Zagreb

[email protected]


The reconstruction of the ferry for transport across the Drava River is an important project that will have far-reaching positive effects on the local community and the region as a whole. Modernizing infrastructure and increasing transport capacities are crucial for encouraging economic development and connecting people. The project not only ensures greater safety and stability of transport but also represents a commitment to sustainable development and modernization of local infrastructure.





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