Modernization and security enhancement of the RC Puntijarka tower

Short project presentation

Project overview

The modernization project of the RC Puntijarka tower, an integral part of the Puntijarka meteorological station, represents a significant step in the improvement of the infrastructure and safety of the facility. The main focus of the project was on detailed measurement and analysis of the tower’s concrete pillars, as well as the construction and installation of a new steel staircase with a railing and platform on the dome. This project not only enhances the functionality and safety of the tower but also demonstrates the innovative application of technology to improve existing structures.

Technical details

For the needs of this project, detailed 3D measurements of the tower’s concrete pillars were carried out at every three meters in height. The aim of the measurements was to check for deviations and inclinations of the pillars for the construction, fabrication, and installation of supports and the staircase structure to the top of the tower. The measurement also included an analysis of the dome at the top and the base of the tower platform, with a special focus on planning the construction of the new staircase.

The creation of 3D models of the pillars enabled precise planning and design of the steel staircase, railing, and platform to be installed on the dome. This approach ensured that the construction was fully adapted to the existing dimensions and specifications of the tower, reducing the risk of potential construction errors.

The construction, fabrication, and installation of the staircase were entrusted to Tehno – Elektro Ltd., thereby ensuring the quality of execution thanks to the experience and expertise of this company in similar projects.

Benefits of the modernisation

  • Enhanced Safety and Accessibility: The new steel staircase with a railing and platform significantly improves the safety and accessibility of the tower’s dome, enabling easier and safer maintenance and operations.
  • Precise Planning and Execution: The use of 3D measurements and modeling ensured a high level of precision in the planning and execution of the project, minimizing the risk of errors and the need for additional adjustments.
  • Preservation of Structural Integrity: Detailed measurement of the pillars and analysis of deviations and inclinations allowed for the identification and addressing of potential issues in the tower’s structural stability, thereby ensuring its long-term safety.
  • Innovative Use of Technology: The application of advanced 3D measurement and modeling technology demonstrates a commitment to using innovative solutions to enhance and preserve infrastructure facilities.

Participants in the project included

Flexijet operator for measurement and preparation of measurement drawings:

Articus d.o.o., Dolac 1, Zagreb

[email protected]


Client, designer, and contractor of the staircase and platform:

Tehno – Elektro d.o.o.
Omladinska ul. 43, 31401, Viškovci



Representative for the Flexijet 3D device and provider of 3D measurement services:

Studio Element d.o.o.,
Dolac 1, Zagreb

[email protected]


The modernization project of the RC Puntijarka tower is an example of the successful application of advanced technology to improve the safety and functionality of infrastructure facilities. Precise measurement and planning, combined with quality execution, have ensured the successful realization of a project that will have a long-lasting positive impact on the maintenance and use of the tower. This project serves as an inspiration for future initiatives aimed at modernizing and enhancing infrastructure facilities.








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