Measurement of the inside of the ship, Omišalj

Short project discription

We participated in the interior design project of the ship with our 3D measurement service, in collaboration and agreement with the investor Peti treći d.o.o. The goal of the project was not only aesthetic enhancement but also functional improvement of the space to increase comfort and operational efficiency.


The interior spaces of the ship Omišalj are characterized by complex geometries, including curves, irregular shapes, and arches, which poses a challenge for traditional measurement methods. Precision is crucial as any error can significantly impact the final design and functionality.


To address this challenge, we used Flexijet measuring technology, which allows for extremely precise measurement of complex spaces in real-time. This technology employs laser scanning to create detailed digital models of the ship’s interior spaces, ensuring that every segment is measured precisely down to the finest details.


After collecting the data, we created 3D models using MegaCAD software. These models served as the basis for the conceptual design of the interior, allowing designers to experiment with different configurations and aesthetic decisions without the need for physical changes to the space.

Participants in the project included


3D visualization

Dizajn i vizualizacija d.o.o.

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Representative for the Flexijet 3D device and provider of 3D measurement services:

Studio Element d.o.o.

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Design and Visualization

After finalizing the conceptual design, the team used advanced 3D visualization techniques to create realistic representations of what the renovated spaces would look like. These visualizations were crucial for making decisions regarding materials, colors, and layout, and allowed the investors and ship owners to visually experience the planned changes before the start of physical works.



Results and Conclusion

By utilizing Flexijet technology and MegaCAD software, the project achieved a high level of precision in measurements and design, resulting in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing renovation of the ship’s interior. The final interior design not only improved the visual appearance of the ship but also optimized the space for better functionality and comfort for all users.

The interior measurement project of the ship Omišalj is an example of how modern measurement technologies and digital design can be used to address specific challenges in the maritime industry, providing solutions that are precise, efficient, and visually appealing. This approach not only saves time and resources during renovation but also opens up new possibilities for designing interior spaces.


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