Measuring and verifying the achieved condition of X BOW – Olivia O


We are convinced that no client is too small for us to dedicate our attention, and on the other hand, none is too big for us to dare to collaborate with them and showcase our quality.

Based on this attitude, in 2018, we accepted a collaboration with Smed Engineering – Norway, who hired our company, Studio Element d.o.o., to verify the delivered condition of the X BOW – Olivia O ship for the ULSTEIN shipyard. The aim was to identify any irregularities that could affect the installation of stainless steel fences and handrails, prolong the duration of the works, and consequently increase the project cost.

Before explaining what we did exactly for this client, here are some of the details about the subject of the measurement, which can better illustrate the seriousness of the undertaking we embarked on.

About the yacht X BOW – Olivia O

The X-BOW is a patented vessel bow design developed by the Norwegian shipbuilder Ulstein Group. The X-BOW design features a sharp, inverted shape of the bow, providing several advantages over traditional bow designs, including increased comfort and stability in rough seas, reduced noise and water spray, and improved fuel efficiency.

Olivia O is a luxury yacht built by Ulstein Group and uses the X-BOW design. The yacht is 88.5 meters long and can accommodate up to 20 guests in 8 cabins. It was delivered to its owner in 2020 and is one of the largest yachts that uses the X-BOW design.

The yacht has a modern and refined design, with a large sun deck, swimming pool, and helipad. It also features state-of-the-art technology, including a dynamic positioning system that allows it to maintain its position without the need for an anchor. Overall, Olivia O is an impressive vessel that combines advanced technology with luxurious amenities for an unparalleled sailing experience.


Smed Engineering BH d.o.o.
Bišće Polje BB- INTERA
Technology Park, 88000 Mostar, BiH
Phone: +387 36 352 602/603
Studio Element d.o.o.,
Dolac 1, Zagreb, Hrvatska
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Performers: Edo Aganović and Nikola Čubranić

time of measurement: January 2018.

The 3D measurement of this object was extremely demanding, but our team successfully executed detailed measurements of all necessary surfaces for the positions of 700 m’ stainless steel fences and handrails, which took four working days. By using state-of-the-art technology and top-notch tools, the team managed to capture all irregularities and shortcomings that could affect further work.

To solve the identified irregularities, in addition to our Flexijet, the latest technology in designing and technical preparation in the Autodesk Inventor program was used.

Autodesk Inventor is a professional 3D design and modeling software developed by Autodesk, a leading global provider of software solutions for design and engineering. Inventor is used in various industries, including mechanical engineering, manufacturing, architecture, and others.

Inventor allows engineers and designers to create complex models in 3D space with precision up to a tenth of a millimeter. The program offers a wide range of modeling tools, including basics such as creating primitives (outputs), but also advanced techniques such as surface modeling. Users can create models of components, assemblies, and entire products.

Inventor also offers advanced features such as animation and simulation, which allow users to test and analyze their models under different conditions. This includes the ability to check mechanical properties, thermal analysis, and fluid flow analysis. These features help engineers and designers improve the quality of their products and reduce development time.

Inventor also integrates with other Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and Fusion 360, which allows users to easily exchange data between different software and increase productivity.

By using different software, technologies, and approaches, we were able to save time and money for our clients on this project, and ensure fast and efficient project execution.

Thanks to this approach, we ensured excellent quality of work and precision in project execution, which ultimately resulted in outstanding results for our client.





Snimka zaslona 2021-07-02 131219
Snimka zaslona 2021-07-02 131308
Snimka zaslona 2021-07-02 131602


307 Aft Staris1
307 Bow Section2
307 Bow Section3
307 Bow Section5
307 Stairs Starboard Side3
A Deck Assembly2



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